21st April 2018
7:30 pm

Event Venue

billingham forum

GPS: 54.60713999999999, -1.2880669999999554

Patrick Monahan compares life as an Irish/Iranian teenager in 90’s Cool Britannia to today’s Teen Brexit Britain.

From February 2018 Patrick will be on tour across the UK. His new stand-up show is about what life was like growing up in Britain during the 1990’s as an Irish/Iranian immigrant whose family had come over from Iran a decade earlier. As identity cards and ‘Cool Britannia’ were being introduced, Monahan found himself on the periphery as a teenager – trying to blend in but ending up with all the other ethnic groups! This is the 3rd in a series of biographical shows in which Patrick talks about his life as an immigrant and follows ‘The Disco Years’ 2015 and ‘That 80’s Show’ 2016.

‘Rewind Selector 90’s’ is about identity, fitting in and enjoying the decade. ‘Drink and drugs and rock n’ roll’ was the trade mark saying of the 1990’s but for the tea total and drug free Monahan it was ‘Cake and tea and R n’ B!’ He still went to all night raves with his friends, but instead of party drugs he used fun size milky ways and mars bars to keep his energy levels up so he could dance all night! Monahan also explores what life was like for teenagers in the 90’s growing up with basic technology unlike teenagers today who are growing up with technology that’s more powerful than a NASA space ship in the 1960’s!

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